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Kill Me Three Times (2014)


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[/POSTER][MOVIE]Title: Kill Me Three Times

Genre: [GENRE]Thriller[/GENRE]

Director: [DIRECTOR]Kriv Stenders[/DIRECTOR]

Cast: [ACTOR]Teresa Palmer[/ACTOR], [ACTOR]Simon Pegg[/ACTOR], [ACTOR]Luke Hemsworth[/ACTOR], [ACTOR]Sullivan Stapleton[/ACTOR], [ACTOR]Alice Braga[/ACTOR], [ACTOR]Callan Mulvey[/ACTOR]

Release Date: [RELEASE]2014-09-06[/RELEASE]

Runtime: [RUNTIME]90[/RUNTIME]

Plot: [PLOT]In the Australian surfing town of Eagle's Nest, a young woman is the thread that binds three tales of murder, blackmail and revenge.[/PLOT][/MOVIE][/CONTAINER]