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Just Like Clockwork, Schestowitz comes out of nowhere to flood the group as his disciples suckle at

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by PISSGETTY, Jan 17, 2010.


    PISSGETTY Flightless Bird

    Amazing how this taliban wannabe Roy Schestowitz has you fools groveling at
    his feet.
    Even if you are Linux supporters, why associate yourself with a proven liar,
    thief and nut case?
    Why defend a fraud?
    All it does is make you fools look even more foolish than you already look.
    Changing subject lines in order to protect your messiah Roy Schestowitz is

    Google the idiot Schestowitz and you will find all kinds of interesting
    Roy Schestowitz is a freak which like a gadfly won't seem to take the hint
    and go away.
    Why not ask Linus what *he* thinks of Schestowitz?
    Hint: He wishes Roy Schestowitz would find a new cause.
    Ask him yourself.
    Roy, Oiahm, Goblin, Homo, and the rest of the paranoid loser BN gang are
    nothing more than a festering sore on the side of real Linux advocacy and
    nothing anyone can say will change that.
    It's a fact.
    Those people are Microsoft's dream team.
    When faced with a difficult client, all they have to do is point to an
    asshole like Roy Schestowitz and his many nyms and supporters, and say "this
    is the Linux community, do you consider this professional".
    It's case closed.

    I know you are all agreeing with me at this point but you will never admit
    it because you fear being ostracized from the Linux community.
    Good luck in life.
    You'll need it.

    Or you can start here:

    "Roy Schestowitz has taken extreme umbrage at being compared to the Taliban
    recently, and attempts to equivalence this with being called a "Nazi" or a
    "terrorist". While it's understandable that Schestowitz would find the
    comparison quite uncomfortable, there seem to be some clear points of

    * The Taliban is a gang of moralistic thugs, attempting to tell the
    people of Afghanistan how to conduct their lives
    * The "Boycott Novell gang is likewise a bunch of moralistic thugs,
    attempting to tell the people of the open source community how to conduct
    their lives
    * The Taliban's demands are driven by their sense of religion, and are
    out of step with the aspirations and goals of the majority of the Afghan
    * The "Boycott Novell" cabal is driven by a similar sense of "religion"
    (in this case, the FSF-approved "free the way we tell you" approach) and are
    equally out of step with the aspirations and goals of the majority of the
    free software developer and user communities
    * The Taliban is driven by an ironclad sense of their own certain
    rectitude, emboldened by the words of their prophet, Mohammed
    * The "Boycott Novell" gang is similarly driven by an ironclad sense of
    their own certain rectitude, emboldened by the words of their prophet,
    Richard Stallman
    * The Taliban identifies those who disagree with them as "enemies" and
    attempts to destroy them or drive them out
    * The "Boycott Novell" regime identifies those who disagree with them as
    "traitors", "enemies" and "shills" and attempts to destroy their reputations
    or have them removed from their jobs

    The list could go on and on. The reason that there's a "Godwin's Law" is not
    because it's always wrong to compare someone to a Nazi, but because it's too
    easy and broad-reaching to do so in the vast majority of cases. That doesn't
    happen to be the situation here: as shown, the comparison is really rather

    Just as the Taliban wants to turn Afghanistan into a religiously-orthodox,
    monoculture society, the "Boycott Novell" gang want to turn the open source
    community into an orthodox monoculture where all will run approved versions
    of "free software" and nothing but.""


    ""Great article, and Roy Shestowitz has his panties in a big know about this
    article, I guess you hit a nerve.

    Roy is all up in arms, by your reference, but yet he's still happy to follow
    RMS in claiming Mono developers are "traitors", and he's certainly willing
    to hurl his own brand of hate speech and bitter bile at anyone who he does
    not agree with.

    Boycottnovell, (sure they use Linux that is full of Novell code), is all
    upset by this post, so that tells me you are SPOT ON with your analysis.

    Keep up the good work in exposing these crackpots, these Free software

    Well done,, and hopefully Roy the boycottboy will take notice, but I doubt
    it. He's too busy living in his closed little world of hate.""

    ""DonArguss says:

    Ahh oiaohm, you are acting as Roy's guard dog as usual I see, good work,
    what's Roy's problem? is he scared (as usual) to stand up for himself.

    Let me guess, Goblin will be next to try to spin this.

    Trouble is it's impossible to defend the indefensible..

    You oiaohm, and Roy and all the other BN TROLLS should just keep to your own
    little world of hate and/or quietly GO AWAY, AND DONT COME BACK.

    You are doing more damage to FOSS that Microsoft could ever do, so if you
    want to destroy something that can be good and really FREE keep going..

    The real FOSS community think of you for just what you are, FOSS terrorists.

    Tried to get anyone fired recently ??? im sure you have.. pathetic..


    Interesting read to see just what Roy does to propagate his hate, and to
    feed his trolls.""
  2. 7

    7 Flightless Bird

    Just Like Clockwork, PISSGETTY the taliban sympathiser comes out of nowhere to terrorize the group - is homeland security aware?

    Micoshaft Appil asstroturfing fraudster with a big girlie butt
    pounding the sock PISSGETTY wrote on behalf of Half Wits from Micoshaft
    Appil Department of Marketing:

    > Amazing

    Amazing how The Department of Homoland Security allows terror
    suspects like the mental ward escapee PISSGETTY and his handlers
    and pay masters to get away with brushes
    of the law on asstroturfing, ID theft, and ID masking
    and then expect everyone to believe they are on the job.

    Human Evangelical PR Botnets

    I was under the impression that asstroturfing was a semi-loose
    confederation of freetards donating their time freely to micoshaft/appil
    for free and/or as part of paid work and attacking freedom software
    and the freedom software movement because they were just brainless
    fan boyees.

    But over a period of time, I think the issues switched a little bit.

    Yes there are genuine asstroturfers.

    But above all that there seems to be a network of evangelical mindless
    morons that seems to have formed into a human evangelical PR botnet.

    You pay them some money, and they rant from all directions.

    It had to happen. There is always a market for mindless morons to post
    like bots something that they don't believe in for money and then go in
    there to defend their posts by ranting.
    The internet has arrived, and Human Evangelical PR botnets
    is the natural evolution of internet based marketing operations.
    It is an industry as viable as spam marketing or google selling advertising
    space on search result pages.

    Evangelical PR botnets are out of control and will continue to grow
    until something is done about them. Marketing is not free speech.
    It kills free speech by drowning it in paid marketing lies and noise.
    Simple asstroturfing laws are not enough.

    This needs involvement of auditors that go into businesses that are
    creating Human Evangelical PR botnets and make sure that whatever
    the human evangelical PR botnet outputs on to the internet is
    properly tagged with the name of the company that created it and
    name of the sponsor that is paying for the services and then match
    it with the companies that hired the Human Evangelical PR botnet
    companies to do their marketing.

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