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It's Official: Treeing Walker Coonhounds Make Debut


Flight Director
Flight Instructor
AJ is a proud Treeing Walker Coonhound today. The AKC has officially recognized the breed and the 2012 National Dog Show shows off the beautiful hounds.

AJ: Sweet. Sweet. Sweet. A coon --- HOUND in the house. There's a coooooooo --- n --- HOUN ---- D in the house. Look at the little one prance around the ring. Zip zip.

Albert: Oh god. Now we are going to hear from him even more and more.

Gracie: Oh Albert. Let him celebrate.

Albert: Only today and then I go back to my basset ways.

Ellie: What's a coon?

AJ: Well, you put some ice cream on it and you get an ice cream coon. Delicious to avoid the summer time heat.
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