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Issue with being able to select 64 bit Data Sources in Excel 2007



Flightless Bird
For some reason I cannot find my previous post so posting this question again.


I am having a couple of issues with Excel 2007 and being able to retrieve
data in Excel 2007.

The first issue is that I cannot see a System DSN that was added through the
64 bit ODBC Administrator screen on Windows 7 in Excel 2007.
What I do is add the System DSN and when I open Excel 2007 and then click on
the Data tab and then click on From Other Sources then click on From
Microsoft Query the Data Source I added is not in the list.
So since the System DSN did not show up I removed it and added a User DSN
and did the same steps as above and when I open the table I do see that Data

This gets me to the next issue. When I click on that User DSN name and then
OK I get the following Microsoft Query error screen:

The specified DSN contains an architecture mismatch between the Driver and

I then when I click OK I get this next Microsoft Query error screen:

Couldn't read this file

Since Office 2007 loads both 32 bit and 64 bit files shouldn't be able to
open the 64 bit Data Sources?
Just to let you know I am going against a 64 bit Oracle database.