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Is there any Page break function?

Discussion in 'Microsoft OneNote' started by goodidae, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. goodidae

    goodidae Flightless Bird


    Is there any option to allow for page breaks?

    In OneNote 2007, there's an option to select A4 as the page size but I can
    only have a single sheet of "paper" for every page. This is frustrating as I
    don't want to create new page every time I run out of inking space.

    Another reason I want to select A4 size (and have multiple sheets with page
    breaks) is because it is better for printing (to physical paper or pdf).
    Right now, having the "infinite page" as default, the page breaks just occur
    randomly when I print my stuff from OneNote to pdf/physical paper. Sometimes,
    the page breaks cut into my writing. For example, say the top portion of the
    word "COUNTRY" goes to the previous page and the bottom portion goes to the
    next page. This is very awkward.

    The page break function together with the choice to have multiple sheets is
    already present in Windows Journal so I'm sure that it can be implemented in
    OneNote easily. I prefer to use OneNote to Windows Journal any day because
    OneNote is so much more superior in its organizational functions.

    Thanks a lot!
  2. Bernd

    Bernd Flightless Bird

    -------- Original-Nachricht --------

    > Hi,
    > Is there any option to allow for page breaks?

    No !

  3. Rainald Taesler

    Rainald Taesler Flightless Bird

    goodidae wrote:

    > Is there any option to allow for page breaks?

    One can either have the standard of an "endless" page or a set format
    (f.e. A4).
    There is no way to set a page-break for an "endless" page.

    Although this has been discussed countless times, there is no change in
    the new ON2010 version.
    I for one can absolutely not understand at all why nothing has been done
    in so far.

    We'll have to live with that at least until 2014 or so {siiigh}


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