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Is Microsoft Surface Tablet PC 3.0?


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While discussing the exciting Microsoft Surface products (RT and PRO), I started to ask myself whether or not the Microsoft Surface products were Tablet PC 3.0?

Years ago I worked with people who all agreed that Microsoft historically hits it big with their third release of a product. Remember Windows 3? It changed the PC clone market forever.

In one view, Microsoft Surface is the third release of the Tablet PC. It's Tablet PC 3.0.

The first iteration of the Tablet PC was announced in 2001. Next came the Ultra-Mobile PC. And now we are looking at Tablet PC 3.0.

Another view is the Tablet PC was already a release of an earlier failed product - pen computing environment. However, I disagree because the Tablet PC was not just a software solution but also a hardware specification. The Microsoft Surface is also about hardware and software.

Do you agree that Microsoft Surface and future Windows-8 based Tablets are Tablet PC 3.0?
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