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Is it really news .. when ...?


Flight Director
Flight Instructor
Sometimes I go to large tech sites, read the latest editorials, and wonder ... "Is this really important? Why should I care?"

Have you read any of these types of editorials lately?

Robert Heiny

Research Scientist of Learning and Education
Flight Instructor
"We decide what's news," an editor of a national news magazine told me a year or so ago. Sometimes the "we" is one person who passes a draft of a story to others for editing and other processing to publish it. Other times it is a committee that discusses a product or event and decides whether to publish a story about it. I wish "they" would separate those discussions about an event from reporting descriptions of what they see, hear, etc. I don't want to know their opinions without specific comparisons related to increasing or decreasing learning.

It's easier for me to identify the few editorials I do care to read rather then to identify those I don't. I haven't seen the former recently, and have sluffed off reading them as closely as I did for many years.

Education publication editorials about technology seem to try to appease advertisers and to gather readers rather than to opine beyond generalities on what causes learning to increase in or out of classrooms with "technology."

They misuse that word. Teachers and others have always used technologies. That's what languages, pencils, and other common things used in lessons are. Editorials about "education technology" are fillers of space containing current buzz words that seldom "educate."