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Iowa Caucus: 24 Hours Until Bachmann Loss


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Michelle Bachmann won the Iowa straw poll but don't expect her to have a strong showing tomorrow during the Iowa Caucus. In fact, she's predicting a low voter turn out to hide the reality that most people will not vote for her: She's a single issue candidate and a member of the House. Mrs. Bachmann's campaign has been in turmoil since Ed Rollins left - and the Iowa caucus will show she is not electable.

No worries, we have not elected a member of the House directly into the White House, right? Abraham Lincoln was a member of the House but he was absent for several years prior to winning the election. John Q. Adams actually became a member of the House after his presidency. Let's not forget Mr. Ford - who was appointed Vice President.

Who do you think will win? Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, or Newt Gingrich are all contenders. Some news stations have been talking up Rick Santorum as a possible winner. For some, this caucus will be about anyone but Romney. For others, this will be about anyone but Ron Paul.
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