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iOS 5.1 beta leads to speculations


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9TO5 Mac published iOS 5.1 beta reveals Apple’s plan to soon ship iPads, iPhones with quad-core chips
While not quite confirming that a quad-core processor will power Apple’s third-generation iPad, we have obtained evidence that suggests Apple is currently working on quad-core iOS devices.​

A faster iPad and iPhone would certainly be in order for 2012 as long as battery life remains the same or is improved. However, speed improvements alone will not be a reason to upgrade between an iPad 2 and iPad 3. No, I suspect most people will want newer features and improvements on current features. First, the camera on the iPad needs improvement. Second, a higher resolution screen has been rumored and would certainly be a good reason to upgrade.

Now - imagine the iPad getting a better messaging system tied with the iPhone. Contacts synchronized so that the owners of iPads with the 3G connection should be able to tie their phone numbers with their iPads. Instead of watching people checking their phones during meetings - they could continue to use their iPads (taking notes) and flip quietly to the message.
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