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Installing windows on my laptop without using my DVD-drive

Discussion in 'Notebooks' started by Mysticus, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. Mysticus

    Mysticus Flightless Bird

    Hello everyone, first of all m rather new here and theres actually just one thing i would like some information about.

    About 8 months ago, i was playing this computer game on my laptop and i got so pissed off at the game that i gave my laptop a good hit with my fist.... anyhow while i did that i broke 1 of the 2 Harddisks wich were located directly under my fist.

    Not a problem .. lets just buy a new harddisk and install it. no big deal. but then a nasty thing occured. My DVD drive was broken to(not by my hit it just doesnt work for some reason). Ive got no idea how to replace the damm thing.. so i decided to bring it to computer store to have it fixed(300 euros, way to much so i was like fck the damm thing ill buy a new one)

    though ive been thinking these days that another notebook could come in handy then i thought of the idea of installing windows on the 1 and only working harddisk still inside the laptop. but how? i thought of plugging it in my desktop(as an external USB harddisk). i also thought using my new laptop for it, but i dont wanna ruin the warrenty on that one(it is said warrenty goes of when something is rmoved manually)

    so i tried the desktop method.. but it din't work, cus my pc dint support usb drive or something idk what it meens oO anyhow. my qeustion is if there is a way to do this(with this method). i do not need to load windows via the usb harddisk just install it on the harddisk and then putt harddisk back in laptop to get it working.

    please if there is a way inform me how to.

    Thanks in advance ill be checking the post every.. ehhm 2-3 hours
  2. Lars

    Lars Flightless Bird

    Previously, on Usenet undisclosed wrote:

    >my qeustion
    >is if there is a way to do this(with this method). i do not need to load
    >windows via the usb harddisk just install it on the harddisk and then
    >put harddisk back in laptop to get it working.

    That will not work. You have to install Windows on the computer where
    you expect to run it, or at least a very similar one. A Windows
    installation differs in several essential parts from one PC to

    The way I do this on small laptops that do not have a DVD drive is to
    make a bootable USB stick and copy the install files onto that.

    Boot to Dos from the stick, partition and format the HD, sys it, copy
    Windows install files onto the HD, remove stick, boot to HD, install.

    Start by Googling for "bootable USB stick".

    If your laptop is of the sort that does not support booting from USB
    then you can probably get away with installing Dos on it while in
    another computer. Dos is pretty much the same as Dos.

    You may be in for a bit of learning here if you have not done any of
    these moves before. But it will be worth it.

  3. Mysticus

    Mysticus Flightless Bird

    Well atleast that is usefull
    Thanks allot ill try googling it. cus its simply a waste to deposite the laptop in the recycle bin ;)

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