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In Baltimore

Discussion in 'Public Schools' started by nextgen, Apr 28, 2014.

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    Baltimore Schools are thinking of making most if not all Public Schools 'Magnet Schools". That is to say that they would be funded away from city funds and by private parties. Essentially making them private schools and the end result will cost the parents. Already parents are asked to supply daily school supplies like printer ink, paper, snacks for kids etc etc. All the while the schools still accept money for keeping troubled kids in the classroom even if they are disruptive and even in some cases mentally slower then the average child.

    With the schools falling into disrepair and maintenance lacking for years as budget cuts have long since removed almost all maintenance staff. It is the main reason i moved into the county where school and education are still important. Seems we are growing a generation of helpless, hopeless kids/adults who lack morals and even basic skill sets.

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