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Ignorant Republicans Don't Know Demonstrative Pronouns


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I've hesitated. I've waited. I've thought long and hard about that incident - that speech which has ignorant republicans in an uproar. In fact, I've longed to slap them. You know - them - the ignorant. Those who can't understand rules of English grammar.

Yes. I'm writing about the ignorant Republicans who have gone insane. Yes - those republicans who do not know a demonstrative pronoun if it kicked them in their rears.

President Obama is a talented man. He's well schooled and surrounded by smart people. Unfortunately his opponents are not too bright.

There is a difference between the real republicans, the ignorant republicans, and the democrats; True Republicans accept the ideals of a self-made individual and democrats focus on a society. These differences can be skewed to a simplistic idea of greed versus the greater good.

These ideals are important to discuss. But rules of grammar -those should never be used to build a campaign.

President Obama was speaking to a crowd about an often used idea "that" businesses use services which the business did not build. He listed off roads, schools, and people who have helped the business person along the way. Mr. Romney uses these same ideas.

Anyway, Mr. Obama then stated, "You didn't build that."

The demonstrative pronoun that was referring to the roads, schools, and people who have helped build the business.

The ignorant republicans - those who don't know a demonstrative pronoun - pounced on the phrase and started to criticize Mr. Obama. Mr. Romney's campaign developed an ad to say Mr. Obama was anti-business by taking the sentence - and changing the reference for the pronoun that to "that business" rather than "that road", "that school", or "that person."

Only a fool cannot follow that. And sadly - the fools are falling for that.

Ignorant republicans don't know their grammar and have run with the phrase. There is even a website - you didn't build that.

It's silly.

If you wish to criticize the President of the United States then go after the policies because that would be a campaign. Instead - we have republicans who are trying to take a phrase and make that the issue.

Sadly - the ignorant - those who will vote against their own interests - just don't like a black man in office. And that is really the issue. The latest incident is just more food for their hatred.

My suggestion - get an education and use that to make your life better. Otherwise, that trailer you live in is all you need.
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