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If You Could See Me


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Robert Heiny submitted a new blog post:

If You Could See Me

A Learners' View (ALV) Is Of Choices On The Shortest and Fastest Path To Learning, The Oxygen Of Social Life.

IF YOU COULD ONLY KNOW ME FOR WHO I AM ..., (Gold, c. 1977) you'll see me as a learner making choices, a person just like you. Watch a video of Eugene learning and Marc teaching, mostly silently, him how to assemble a bicycle coaster brake (a complex industrial product) for the first time.

To know Eugene as a learner, Marc applied one set of many descriptions of learning reported by experimental behavioral and social scientists. Marc later showed thousands of teachers of more than a million learners how to accelerate and increase learning with this one set.

Classic Education: A Learners' View (ALV) of Choices... takes you through this pinhole of know me that Marc and other good teachers use into the reality of learning as did Alice fall through the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland.

You can learn more techniques developed by other educators and scientists in addition to details of those Marc used with Eugene. Learn how those educators can have more than 8 out of each 10 learners learn each of their lessons when they use these techniques.

Learn how you can see and hear learning as you instruct others to learn in minutes simple as well as complex academic and other tasks in and out of schools.

Prepare to appreciate how much people can and will learn when you choose to know them as learners and to see learning as they see it.

Carroll, L. (1865). Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Reprinted as Alice in Wonderland, 2013, by NY: Norton.

Gold, M. If you could only know me. Video (c. 1977). (Captured November 11, 2013 at 6 AM).
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