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IE8 keeps going black!


Joe McGuire

Flightless Bird
I am using IE8 WinXP Pro Sp3 with auto updates. I have occasionally found
the m,ost of the toolbars in IE8 suddenly appear black and there is no way
to see what in them. Somebody on this BB posted a suggestion to allow one
to actually read the blacked-out items but this hardly solved the problem.
The only solution was to download and reinstall IE8. Well, I have gotten to
the point where this is happening with annoying frequency. I think I
reinstalled IE8 about 10 days ago. Now I have to do it again. Wath the
@#^&* is the problem? This is just nuts! I see a few other posts about IE8
going blac so this does not seem like an isolated problem. (I don't recall
ever having this problem with prior versions. Can I go back to IE7?)