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IE Falls Under 50%


Bob I

Flightless Bird
On 10/9/2010 15:44, Alex Clayton wrote:
> "Frank" <fb@win7x32.esd> wrote in message
> news:4cb0a9cb$1@news.x-privat.org...
>> On 10/9/2010 7:41 AM, Alex Clayton wrote:
>>> "Alias" <aka@masked&anonymous.com.¡nval¡daditos> wrote in message
>>> news:i8i6ek$no9$2@news.eternal-september.org...
>>>> http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technolo...orer-market-share-dips-below-50-per-cent.html
>>>> I doubt IE 9 will make a difference being as Ballmer has decided not
>>>> to make it for XP.
>>>> --
>>>> Alias
>>> No surprise to me. The one good thing that came of me playing with Linux
>>> one time was trying Firefox. I FAR prefer it. The main reason is as soon
>>> as I found out how easy it is to enlarge the text without having to use
>>> the damn magnifier. I have found that in one of my classes at school the
>>> instructor now recommends it also. Every time I have showed another
>>> student who like me needs readers to see these days they of course love
>>> the way you can enlarge text so easily.

>> In IE8/9, hold down the Ctrl key and roll the mouse wheel.
>> How difficult is that, huh?

> Well damn, how long have they had that? Now that I have gotten used to
> Firefox I always hated it when I ran into something where I had to use
> IE because I was always straining to read the text. I had never heard
> they came up with an easy way for us older eyes types to enlarge it.
> Thanks!!!

Umm, since IE6 at least and maybe as far back as 4 and 5