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I am trying to build a web page for my self


Bob I

Flightless Bird
Try Publisher 2007

dormmy wrote:

> Is it posible to build a wb page from office ?


Flightless Bird
Yes you can, from Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, and the result will be
acceptable for you in most cases. Just select the "Save as Type"
drop-down menu and select on of the "Web Page" choices.

Excel's ability to publish an entire workbook with tabs retained is
especially useful if you are doing sport league brackets, for instance.

Note that you will not be able to decipher the code MS uses to create
your own page from scratch. I recommend primers for html, php, etc., in
order to learn how to manipulate code.

There are much better options than Office for hobbyists and serious
developers, but most of them cost money. You may want to search for
blogware if you are interested in posting a free web page to a server