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How to pass a dragged filename as parameter in a WinXP shortcut?


Cindy Parker

Flightless Bird
I have problems to pass a dragged filename as parameter to a shortcut to a program.

Lets make a sample for *.jar files but this is a problem for other extensions as well.
Ok I have a executable Java *.jar file e.g. myjava.jar. To run this archive I have to prepend the java
program. So at first I create a shortcut from this *.jar and enter the following command line in the
shortcuts properties:

java -jar D:/java\myjava.jar

Whenever I click now on this shortcut the java and jar prgm are executed successfully.

Now I want to pass additionally a filename to the *.jar prgm.

So I changed the command mentioned above in the shortcut to

java -jar D:/java\myjava.jar "%1"

After that I dragged a file foobar.txt onto this shortcut and expected that the java jar
program would run with the filename as parameter:

java -jar D:/java\myjava.jar "D:/test\foobar.txt"

But it doesn't.

Ths filename is somehow not forwarded as parameter.

Whats wrong?