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How to build a successful website


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Many people ask and write about how to build a successful website. Here are a few thoughts to get you started. Maybe you have others to add.

My first site was in 1995. The traffic was zero for the first 5 months then simple changes were made and there were 1/4 million visitors a month. After running five other successful sites (and ruining many others!), there are a few concepts which remain constant.
  • Do what you want and not what you think others will like
  • Have fun
  • Go to the edge and step over it
  • Be creative
  • Be helpful
  • Never EVER copy another website - ignore the competition - YOU are the leader.
  • Feel free to make mistakes
  • Listen to member feedback but don't rely on it
  • Do not worry about making changes
  • Keep track of what you think is important (inspect what you expect)
  • Do not expect to get rich.
  • Be satisfied with your site today but try to make it better for tomorrow
  • Do not be fake (it'll catch up to you)
  • Never pay for traffic - NEVER EVER EVER. It's garbage and people will know it
  • Do not go negative (it's too easy and while fast traffic will happen, it will ruin your reputation)
    • This is contrary to many who think emotive language is good. It ain't !
    • Be careful with headlines
  • Do not expect anything from anyone; Instead ask.
Those truisms will keep your heads out of the clouds, your ego small enough to fit through the door, and most people will respect you.

Best of luck on growing your site.