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how do I print a web page or save a web page to OneNote?


Rainald Taesler

Flightless Bird
Bluesky wrote:

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In the future pls ask your questions in the *body* of a message, not
just in the subject.

1.) Printing:
File | Print or clicking on the printer icon in the taskbar,
select the "Send to OneNote" printer.

The result will be an image (not editable).

2.) "Save" (i.e. Paste) a web page to ON.
It depends on the Browser:
a) In IE an add-in is automatically installed (ON icon in the IE
For FireFox an add-in can be installed.

With these instruments:
Click on the ON icon or select "Tools | Send to OneNote",
aa) When nothing is marked o the page in the browser the whole page will
be pasted into ON (unfiled notes);
bb) When parts of a page are marked in the browser only the marked parts
will be sent to ON.

b) An alternative is to mark things in the page in the browser (for the
while page select "Edit | Select all") and then use Copy & Paste to
insert on a wanted page in ON.

c) The latter also is the way for all other browsers (which have no ON