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How do I display timestamp/timespan in Access 2007 form



Flightless Bird
I've created a table, in Access 2007, with the fields "ContactDate", FirstName, LastName, Start, End, and Duration. Date/Time is the Data Type for the fields "ContactDate", "Start", "End" and "Duration". I created a form that has Record Source set to the Table name and Recordset Type set to "Dynaset". The text boxes for ContactDate and Start have "Date()" and "Time()" as their Default Values, respectively. The date and time show in the form textboxes properly, and their values write to the table correctly. However, after a few days research and experimentation, I'm unable to get the form to show a timestamp for the "End" text box (the time when that record is inserted into the table), or a timespan value for the "Duration" text box (the time it took to create that record). I tried "=ElapedTimeString([Text4],[Text6])" and "DateDiff("hh,mm,ss",[Text4],[Text6])" as the Control Source for the "Duration" text box, but that didn't work. Can anyone shed light on where I'm going astray?