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How do I access the files in "NetHood" folder ?

Discussion in 'Windows XP' started by Cindy Parker, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. Cindy Parker

    Cindy Parker Flightless Bird

    I started a "move" operation to a remote Computer in WinExplorer by dragging a local folder with files inside onto
    a shared folder in "My Network Places". This worked successfully without problems hundred times before.

    However this time the folder+files were moved into local folder

    D:/Documents and Settings\C\NetHood


    Yes, the remote folder is accessible. When I click on the remote folder then I can see its remote content.
    And I have write access.

    Lets assume that WinExplorer does not recognize the remote computer: How can I tell him in such a situation
    NOT to copy the folder+files to "NetHood" but abort the operation instead?

    Furthermore I cannot access my files in "Nethood" in WinExplorer. They are existing because I can see them by a "dir"
    cmdline command in Cmdprompt. but when I try to find them in WinExplorer they are not visible.
    When I click on

    C:/Documents and settings\c\Nethood\transfer on comp23

    then the real remote folder content is listed and not the previously copied stuff.

    How can I force WinExplorer to show the local files?


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