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House Debate Begins on HR 8


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The House began debating the HR 8 Senate bill at 8:43 pm ET. Speeches will last for one hour. No amendments will be discussed.

The House Rules Committee Ranking Member Rep. Louise Slaughter (D - New York) started her speech relating the history of the fiscal negotiations. After the November 2012 election, "Our mandate was clear."

House Rules Committee Chairman Rep. David Dreier (R - California) emphasized James Madison's description of creating legislation as ugly, messy, difficult process. Mr. Dreier retires from Congress after the last session of the 112th Congress.

Closing arguments began at 9:09 pm ET.

Mr. Drieir began his closing arguments by stating "Congress is a reflection of the people. When Americans are divided then Congress is divided... but it is not our fate."

The vote to approve the rule is set to pass around 9:33 pm ET.