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Help: How do I undim tags? I created a summary page and deleted it

Discussion in 'Microsoft OneNote' started by jdelic, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. jdelic

    jdelic Flightless Bird

    Hello everybody,

    I created a summary page in one of my notebooks and (as usual) OneNote
    dimmed the tags occuring in the summary page in the other pages. However, I
    accidentally did this in the wrong notebook. After deleting the summary page,
    the tags remain dimmed. Even worse, I can't remove them by clicking on the
    tag button.

    I know that I can make them appear on a summary page by setting the right
    preference, but that is application-wide and I don't want this to happen in
    other notebooks.

    Is there any way to undim tags on a page?


    PS: I know that I need to remove the disabled="true" attribute from the tag
    in the XML sourcecode, but I'd rather not spend my time writing an add-in for
    this if there is a built-in solution...

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