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He Demoralizes Other Students


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Flight Instructor

After the murder in Season Three, Episode 4, Lt. Columbo is sitting in an office. He's being told that "he" must be withdrawn from school. The "he" is the poor unnamed dog in the television series. The lieutenant asks if he can stay another week and the answer is, "No. He demoralizes other students."

Albert: He is rather droopy.

Gracie: Albert ! You are part Basset Hound too.

Albert: Yeah, but I have the energy half.

AJ: I have energy. Lots of energy. Energy is my middle name. I can bounce. I can trounce. I can run - here - there - everywhere. I can run run run run run run. Cuz I'm a cooooooon hound. A coooon hound is in the hooooooouuuuuuussssssseeeeeeee.

Albert: zzzzzzz

Ellie: (sniffing) Is he alive?

Gracie: Yeah. His energy half is always short-lived.
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