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Handling of Favorites is really bad in IE

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by firefox, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. firefox

    firefox Flightless Bird

    The main reason why I'm not using IE at home is the really bad handling with
    favorites. This is what most influences my UX with a browser, as I use them
    in every single session.

    First, the Favorites button and especially the "Add to Favorites Bar" button
    should be removed. They're annoying. I want to add my favorites by dragging a
    tab directly to the place where it belongs. It's annoying that I first have
    to click on this button, then sometimes the new link doesn't even appear in
    the favorites bar (bug) and after that I have to take it again and
    drag'n'drop it to the place where I already initially wanted to place it.
    Also, if I hover over a folder, it doesn't open. That means I need one button
    click and two drag'n'drop moves until I finally have placed my favorite.

    In the bookmarks library (using Firefox terms here), I only place links that
    I want to remember but not expect to use again anytime soon. No need to waste
    space in my favorites bar with the "Favorites" button. If I want to access it
    more often, I put the link directly in the Favorites bar.

    And third, the Organize boorkmarks dialog is also really bad when compared
    with Firefox.

    When it come to Favorites, Firefox is really a good example (I also like the
    xmarks extension, but that's another story). I hope IE will make some
    improvements here.

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