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Hacking keystrokes left behind by IE

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Lesman, Apr 28, 2010.

  1. Lesman

    Lesman Flightless Bird

    I have a tech who said he got a password used on a mesh (wireless) network
    browser interface. To access the mesh admin page you must use a web
    interface. This is the techs answer on how he did it...

    Our tech needed the pw to install the replacement antenna/switch (last week)
    at the building. My tech, Mike said retrieving the pw from the DVR hard
    drive isn’t a flaw in XP. He said he would not be able to ‘hack’ this
    remotely. But this could be done with any operating system if you have
    physical control of the PC (DVR). Since he had administrator access
    directly at the DVR, he was able to look at hard drive sectors where data
    resides even if ‘erased’. Unless a hard drive is wiped clean with a special
    program, all PCs retain some of the old data.

    This is where XP (and other operating systems) keeps ‘unlabelled’ deposits
    of files, and even data such as ‘browser’ keystroke text/ ascii strings.
    Since this was a fairly new DVR, very few keystrokes were present. He looked
    for ‘return’, ‘enter’, ‘accept, other terminology / coding which is usually
    associated with entering passwords. Took him about 2 hours to find the

    Ok, is this a true statement? Does IE leave keystrokes, passwords and such
    behind on the hard drive where someone can get to the data and recover
    entries into web based pages.. If so, it this not a major problem? He did get
    the password correctly and this is how he said he did it. Has anyone heard of

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