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Goodbye Spammers

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by LPH, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. LPH

    LPH Flight Director Flight Instructor

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    Wouldn't that be a wonderful thing?

    Actually, a configuration in www.whatisnew.com/archives was allowing spammers to register an account. Tons of nuisance emails were coming through to my email stating bad email address, failed to send, etc.

    Registration in that area is now closed.

    Now I need to shut off WP comment spammers. They are such a pain in the website. I'd love to charge 25 cents for each bad account or fake comment. I would be a billionaire.
  2. Gracie

    Gracie Dogs Times Writer

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    The spam on this site has gone way down. Great work.

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