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From Office Pro down to Home and Student

Discussion in 'Microsoft Office' started by AU750, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. AU750

    AU750 Flightless Bird

    Hi everyone!
    I have MS Office 2007 Pro installed on 2 computers (one is a laptop for
    home use, another is a netbook for travelling).
    Now I bought me a desktop, and the laptop goes to my wife who doesn’t
    need Pro version. So I want to do the following:
    - to change the Office Pro on the laptop to Office Home and Student.
    - to install Pro on my desktop.
    So, the questions are:
    1) Do I need to completely uninstall Pro on laptop and then install
    Home&Student? Or may be there are some options to uninstall or disable
    only Pro related features and programs without doing compete uninstall?
    2) Do I need to confirm somehow with Microsoft that I still legally use
    Office Pro only on 2 comps, both of which are mine, but one of them

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