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From Notes to Formal Presentations of ALV

Robert Heiny

Research Scientist of Learning and Education
Flight Instructor
The notes posted on Classic Education at EduClassics.com have sketched an outline of vocabulary, logic, and processes of a learners' view (ALV) of learning. These notes do not yet include descriptions of data sources that comprise ALV.

This outline has implications for classroom and school reform efforts to accelerate and increase learning promptly. The reorganization of these notes on to the Main Page of the site has demonstrated the lack of explicit connections between research sources for ALV and results from applications of this view. And, frankly, some of these notes are too obtuse as posted to link to other notes or even to ALV.

Now, the hard work begins of editing down over 260 pages of notes and adding data sources into a coherent, easy to read and use description of ways to apply ALV in order to obtain the accelerated and increased learning that experimental empirical behavioral and social scientists have reported.

Watch for a reorganization of the Table of Contents next. Then, the blending of notes to clarify the use of ALV in lessons. At least that's the plan.

Thank you for your interest in ALV and feedback of your efforts to apply it in classrooms. And, thank you for your consideration as this site continues into the next stage of its development as a reference for anyone who instructs another how to do something she or he do not yet do.