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Fractured America: Blame Yourself


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Fractured America: Blame Yourself


The 2014 campaigns started long ago but the results are far from certain. Neither side is speaking to the other. Instead, both sides are blaming, finger pointing, and vilifying the other side. The only common statement is "WAKE UP AMERICA."
The Deep Divide

On the right, the mantra is that the House belongs to the Republicans and the Senate may become controlled by Republicans after the 2014 elections. They talk about President Obama's low favorability ratings, use broad statements like the country is moving in the wrong direction, and continue to push social agendas to split the voter's attention. Many on the right are holding onto a list of 76 offenses by the President as reasons to claim Obama is the worst President in our country's history. Many continue to claim hatred of ObamaCare.

On the left, the mantra is that the House belongs to the Republicans because of Gerrymandering and new voter ID laws. They fear the loss of the Senate if Democrats do not get out and vote for their candidate. They talk about President Obama's accomplishments and write of the obstructionist Republican party. Proponents remind everyone that the economy was losing almost a million jobs a month when Mr. Obama was elected. They describe the horrors of unemployment, losses of houses, a war costing billions of dollars, and a need for a social safety net. They point to the do-nothing Congress as the blame for failing infrastructure and a slow economic recovery.

In pointed discussions, the left slams the right regarding the dozens of trumped up charges against the executive branch (Benghazi, Birth Certificate, etc) and claims the right is simply filled with white hillbilly, racist trailer trash who vote against their own interests (because they think they'll be rich some day). In turn the right crucifies the left for socialist policies (living off the government tit aka ObamaCare), failing to protect our borders, and refusing to uphold the laws of the land.
You are the Problem, Not Our Government

In 1981, Ronald Reagan famously stated in his first inaugural speech,“Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.” New policies were put into place and our nation moved from the largest creditor nation to the largest debtor nation. American nationalism became a popular chant - "U.S.A., U.S.A." - as economic policies shifted to supply-side. A policy many on the left claim has led to a great shift of money from the middle income earners to the wealthy. The left dismisses the supply-side economics as a failed urination theory that didn't uphold in the real world; the rich don't share.

During the 2012 campaign, President Obama attempted to remind voters of the economy during the 1990s. During the Clinton presidency over 23 million jobs were created and our country moved from deficit spending to surpluses. He also reminded voters that the Bush 'W' years took away the surpluses by giving large corporate tax breaks.

The 2014 campaigns are not discussing the merits and challenges of supply-side economics or the need to rebuild our infrastructure. Instead campaigns are talking past each other. And you are the reason. You are the problem.

The politicians are simply using talking points to gain wealth and change your life. They don't really care about bedroom issues. They will instantly change focus when you change focus. If you care about corporate tax rates then they will too. If you care about Iraq then they will too. You should decide what is important - and stop chasing the media tail wagging.
Stop Using Google to Reinforce Your Ideas

Google personalizes search results. A click on a left leaning site will result in more left leaning sites to appear in the next search. Therefore, citizens who are relying on gathering information by Google are only fooling themselves. Researching 'the facts' is not a Google search, scanning headlines, then looking for words to toss out at your opponent. Research is actually reading the bills, listening to the opponents for new sources, creating your own list of ideas and doing your best to ignore talking points, hyperbole, and false equivalence arguments.
You are Wrong

No matter how you slice it - both sides of any political debate are wrong. Both sides use misleading statistics, take comments out of context, and strain conclusions through an ideological filter. Worse, both sides use logistical fallacies that can be glaring to one side and missed by the other.

But it's okay to admit you are wrong.

The left needs to understand that Benghazi was a mess. The right needs to stop wasting money on hearings about Benghazi. The right needs to be fiscally responsible and admit that more deaths happen daily than happened that terrible night.

The left needs to give up on the Iraq war being illegal - Congress voted [and abdicated their responsibility] to let our soldiers invade Iraq. We were not liberators but conquerors.

The left needs to stop reminding everyone about the failed Bush presidency. Yes. It was bad. Science research was put to the side. We invaded several nations and were told to shut up if you don't like it (fascism at its finest hour). The right needs to admit it. Bush years were bad - and no one wants to return to those dark days.

The left needs to listen to the right regarding our national borders. We shouldn't just toss money at the problem but work together to come up with a palatable solution. The right needs to listen to the left, too. The Statue of Liberty is more than an idea - it's our history. We need to welcome the poor, the hungry, the tired.

The right and left need to get out of the bedroom. Stop talking about gay rights and stop talking about abortion. These are not political issues but private, family issues. Both sides need to hold their tongue and stop spilling ink over opinions.

Let's stop the extremism, the name-calling, and finger-pointing. Instead let's focus on the facts. Once you focus on the facts - the other side will too. What will follow is a healed nation and a push forward into a new century of opportunity.

In other words - WAKE UP AMERICA - and vote. No. Actually - don't vote. You should only vote after you've armed yourself with the facts from both sides then consider what is right for your family, friends, neighbors, city, state, and country.
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