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Favorites on Home Page Not Working



Flightless Bird
Setup is Word 2003, Vista Home Premium, IE8 and our security is Norton
Internet 2010.

I had occasion to check my husband’s computer and found that his Favourites
on the home page [Internet Explore] does not work; there are no entries.
Must say I am not sure if it has ever worked? Everything else is as it
should be.

If I try to add a favourite to the home page dropdown it turns up in the F/
file folder not the dropdown on the home page.

But if you go into the Favourites file folder, you can access the favourites
from there.
[Not very convenient]

Would appreciate any help to get the Favorites to work on the home page drop
down as it should be.

I have basic knowledge of computers so please not to technical

thanks: muffet