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Event ID 51....

Discussion in 'Windows XP' started by Newman, Jun 16, 2010.

  1. Newman

    Newman Flightless Bird

    For months my computer system has been having problems, and throwing
    all kinds of errors.

    In particular the dreaded "Event ID: 51", combinded with errors and
    warnings about failures "during a paging operation".


    I finally got fed up with it and dug in for the long haul. I took my
    drive to work and mirrored it onto a known good drive.

    Installed the alternate drive in my system, and all was well... for
    about a month, then right back to the same old crap.

    This time a purchased a new drive and mirrored again, and did
    diagnostics on all the drives. All say OK. I put the NEW drive in, and
    right away - paging operation errors - along with an entire host of
    errors and warnings too numerous to list!

    Finally, after much Googling, I found a suggestion which in my case
    turned out to be the source of the problem...

    The SATA Cable going to the drive in quesiton turned out to be the

    I replaced the cable with a high quality one, and cleared all the
    event logs.

    That was 3 days ago. Since that time, "informational" log entries, a
    couple of simple warnings (tracelevel...), my machine boots and runs
    fast and clean.

    If you get errors about a paging operation - especially if there is no
    pagefile on the drive! - or Event ID 51, then check the simple stuff
    first! Cables are inexpensive and simple to try.

    Now you know!

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