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Error when using 'Insert Hyperlink' connecting to a web page

Discussion in 'Microsoft Office' started by Gertcher, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. Gertcher

    Gertcher Flightless Bird

    It is now impossible for me to insert a hyperlink throughout the MS Office
    2000 Suite.

    For instance, in Word 2000 the normal procedure to add a web hyperlink to a
    word or phrase in a document is to:
    1. Highlight the word or phrase
    2. Click the insert hyperlink icon
    3. Click Web Page button
    4. Navigate to the website to link to
    5. Return to the insert hyperlink box, where the link is displayed
    6. Click OK

    I get as far as 3 above and an error message box pops up with the message:
    'An error has occurred while browsing files'.

    I have tried 'Repairing' Office and 'Reinstalled', all without change. I
    searched all over the MS help site and cannot find a similar question.

    Hope someone on this form can help

    Thanks Greg

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