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Error: The ordinal 6880 could not be located in the DLL MFC42.DLL

Discussion in 'Windows XP' started by ro-do, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. ro-do

    ro-do Flightless Bird

    :confused: I know - this is an old problem but still, I can't overcome it:

    A year ago I have stared receiving the above application error when I navigate to folders containing AVI files.

    Dismissing the dialog is followed by an apparent Windows Explorer crash
    and restart.
    The solutions I found in several sites are as follows:

    The WinXP file version 6.02.4131.0 *has* the ordinal 6880. Therefore,
    you've installed poor software installing an older version of that system
    file. If you're lucky, that copy was installed in a program folder and
    can be deleted. When done, re-register the WinXP system file:
    Start Run: regsvr32 %SystemRoot%\System32\MFC42.DLL
    Well, seems i'm not lucky after all..
    i found a few MFC42.DLL files with above version.
    I renamed 4-5 files that seemed potentially harmful (under IBMTOOLS\DRIVERS\Utility, IBMTOOLS\DRIVERS\AUDIO, WINDOWS\SOFTWARE DISTRIBUTION, WINDOWS\$NINSTALL) left the one under System32 and then re-registered as above ---NADA!! same problem.

    Is there any creative idea?
    was it enough to rename or should i delete/remove from their directories?

    BTW, for the time being, i'm using another file manager instead of the original Explorer (i use xplorer2) and it doesn't seem to care about this bloody MFC42 problem...


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