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Domain Users can't change time zone

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Flightless Bird
None of my regular domain user's are able to change their time zone.
They get "access denied". They are trying either from double clicking on
the clock, or trying to change it from outlook.

How can I give regular domain users the ability to change time zone,
without making them local admins?

They are Windows XP clients, on a Windows Server 2003 Active Directory
Domain. No group policy restrictions.

Dale Qiao [MSFT]

Flightless Bird
Hi Andy,

In Windows XP, you could deploy the following policy and add administrator,
users group to the allow list.

[Computer Configuration\Policies\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local
Policies\User Rights Assignment\Change the time zone]

BTW, you can also create a startup script on the OU where the machine
belongs to with a registry key change or timedate.cpl.


Best Regards

Microsoft Online Support Engineer.