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Dog Photos Found on Flickr


Flight Director
Flight Instructor

A person on the XenForo forums just started up a working dogs forum. The site is for discussing military and police dogs.

Now, Pascal and Ellie - the rest of the gang too - all think that Office Work is far better than being out in the field. As Pascal reminds everyone, "wandering in the field can make one skinny."

The post on XenForo, though, got me started looking for pictures of some really cool looking dogs. Here are some that I found. Maybe you have a favorite.

Oslo, shown below, believes that all dogs have the rights to a good home, a good dog chain around the neck, and something pretty to hang on it.

Ellie instantly fell in love with this photo. She loves puppies.

Of course, all dogs laughed at this little fellow found under the heading, "My Nose & Your Aperture Don't Work Well"

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