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Disc Number Tags

Discussion in 'Windows Media' started by SebHoll, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. SebHoll

    SebHoll Flightless Bird


    I'm trying to move my iTunes library over to use WMP, but any multi-disc
    album doesn't display properly in WMP's library. E.g.

    1. Track 1 (from Disc 1)
    1. Track 1 (from Disc 2)
    2. Track 2 (from Disc 1)
    2. Track 2 (from Disc 2)

    This is pretty useless if you want to play an album one CD at a time. Any
    other media player I use seems to recognise these disc no. tags that iTunes
    have inserted into each file, apart from WMP. It's not ideal having to
    change each set of tracks album to "My Album [Disc 1]" and "My Album [Disc

    Could the WMP team maybe look at adding this functionality to WMP?

    I Google'd this, and loads of other people seem to be having the same problem.

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