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Davey Met B.F. Skinner

Robert Heiny

Research Scientist of Learning and Education
Flight Instructor
Graham Davey recounts his momentous meetings with B.F. Skinner: "Pass the salt." and "What would ..." It's an easy read, as though you sat with him by a fireplace exchanging humorous self deprecating stories about yourselves. Yet, these exchanges recount important insights into science, becoming a scientist, conducting scientific studies, and passing these insights to the next generation.

Davey muses, "I can honestly say he (Skinner) is the most charismatic person I have ever met – more charismatic than Debbie Harry, Prince Charles, and Richard Attenborough (sorry, my list of celebrity encounters is quite limited). He always had available a very detailed and considered answer to every question that he was asked.

Skinner's views, Davey concludes, were a philosophy of science. He moved psychology to evidence-based measurable, observable scientific facts. Behavioral scientists try to explain behavior. It is about understanding, not about 'degrading' humans or devaluing their dignity or freedom. Read More.

Thanks for those reminders, Davey. You remind me of my graduate school days and then professorships in settings as you described. I hope we cross paths again in the blogisphere.

And best wishes with your new blog. I hope these few comments help drive traffic to your site.