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Copy All Your PS3 Games



Flightless Bird
A Quick reveiw to help you decide if Game Copy Pro is right for you, to help copy your Ps3 games.

Do you own a PS3, if you do then chances are you probably own a few games too! And you also know how expensive those PS3 games can go for, it's nuts but completely worth it. Copy PS3 Games Here
If your like me you like to play your PS3 as much as possible and you have a few favorite games, my favorite games are Beowulf, Call of Duty 3 & American Wasteland. I can tell you I play them allot almost enough to wonder why I haven't worn them out yet, LOl!
You also know that over time games to get old and scratches start to appear on them and sometimes just end up disappearing all together. My Point, what I want to tell you about is some software that I bought about six months ago. It will copy any PS3 PS2 & Playstation game out there and other gaming devices as well.
I did a search on Google looking for a way to copy PS3 games.
Anyways since I'm not a rich kind of guy, I cant buy doubles of the same games and when one breaks or won't work anymore, I'm screwed. Because I had a hard enough time buying it the first time. You can probably relate to that.
Back to the software I found, now this software I'm talking about only cost me $30 bucks and after I realized what it could do I couldn't pull my wallet out fast enough. Once I read all the instructions and downloaded the files to my computer, I started making backups of all my games. The first thing I did was try it on one game to see if it worked and it did. Soon after I made the copy I burned it to a new disc put in my PS3 and it worked again, I thought YES!
So now that I have made extra copies of my PS3 games I never have to worry about trying to replace them or even losing them and what I do after I make a new copy and burn it to a disc, I put the original away somewhere for safe keeping and play the copy because if the copy breaks I still have the original.