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confusing internet connection problem

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by ddowwr777, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. ddowwr777

    ddowwr777 Flightless Bird

    ok i have an odd problem. worse thing is i am not good with this internet network stuff.

    i moved into this place a year ago and could not connect to the ethernet there with my computer with windows xp. had several people look at it to no avail. it just mysteriously would not let me access the internet even though it showed i was connected.

    borrowed a family member's mac laptop, that connected just fine, but i had to give it back right away.

    borrowed another win xp desktop pc from parents and that connected with ethernet just fine. used it for a few months....then lost the connection when the line i was connected to was changed to wireless. i could not connect to that with the same computer even though it was setup for wireless.

    i then borrowed a toshiba notepad with win xp (i do not have the funds to buy new computers) which connected to the wireless just fine.

    then the other day, while i was surfing the web, it lost the connection, permanently. the wireless connection in the main house that i am connecting to has never been disturbed throughout this whole thing.

    i have tried connecting to other networks but it won't connect to anything now, anywhere. it did before.

    i have no idea what happened. this problem has been going for so long and i have asked in so many places but i either don't get any responses or i get ones that i don't understand because i only know some of the internet lingo and then they lose patience with me...but i am going to keep trying because i really miss having internet.

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