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Comment: Sincere or Paid

Discussion in 'Editorials' started by LPH, May 31, 2012.

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    LA Times Comment.PNG

    The above comment is on the LA Times website. It's a little challenging to read between the anger and misunderstandings.

    Do these two ideas belong together?
    • "Kids just wanting everything to seem like it is for free"
    • "The state govt gave me ..."
    On one side is the argument that there are kids who just want everything for free then this person states they received government aid for free for 5 years. Excuse me? You received FREE aid and are now arguing against loans?

    Here is a reality check: Students taking out loans that they will pay back is not free but costly whereas getting government aid paying for everything for five years is getting everything for free.

    I'm not sure the person who typed this comment understood what they were trying to say. Maybe they misread the memo. They certainly are not a good spokesperson for not giving loans to students.

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