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cardreaderlookupwindow error



Flightless Bird
There is a discussion on an old version of this forum that talks about
this error, but I want to add what I found - I can't add to the old
My computer has been stable for several months. About a week or two
ago I got invited to try ZumaDrive which is a cloud drive. I installed
it and tried to understand it and got it figured out somewhat. Then, a
few days ago I plugged in my card reader to upload a picture to
Facebook. That evening, when I shut down Windows, I got my first
occurrence of cardreaderlookupwindow not responding and then every time
I did a shutdown or restart there it was.
My card readers still work and I can "safely remove" them but the hang
still occurs.
The article on the old forum of "How to Fix Computers" said that any
USB device or any program that looks like a USB device to Window can
create this error. Uninstalling ZumaDrive fixed the problem.