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Can't Burn CDs

Discussion in 'Windows Media' started by CAlrich, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. CAlrich

    CAlrich Flightless Bird

    Am running Windows XP Pro with Windows Media 11. The Dell Dimension 8400
    computer is working fine except for one thing. When I try to burn a CD I get
    a message "Media Player encountered a problem while burning file to disc."
    Slowing speed as suggested doesn't help. I also get error 80040155. I have
    checked the devices, including the CD-Rom, it is fine. I can play CDs and I
    can Rip CDs to my hard disk. This problem popped up about two weeks ago when
    I removed Media Creator from the computer. Have tried "Restore" to different
    dates without success. Have tried several other fixes without success. The
    Burn screen seems to recognize my CD-Rom drive, but when I hit burn, I get
    the error message. Have not gone to regedit yet-next step. Would certainly
    appreciate some help after all the diagnosing I have done unsuccessfully.
  2. Hot-text

    Hot-text Flightless Bird

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