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Can not use Left Click to login to Windows XP SP3 with MS Mouse

Discussion in 'Windows XP' started by Sph2sail, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. Sph2sail

    Sph2sail Flightless Bird

    Hardware: I have a Dell D610 with trackpoint and touchpad. I am installing a
    MS Wireless Keyboard 6000 v3 and a MS Wireless Mouse 6000 v2.

    Software: Windows XP SP3, fully patched, clean re-install. Intellipoint and
    IntelliType v6.31 installed. Latest ALPS Touchpad driver from Dell.

    When running _without_ the MS Keyboard and Mouse, the system runs as
    expected. Using the ALPS Touchpad, booting up, the Welcome screen works and
    all clickable objects are recognized and you can easily login. Start menu is

    When running _with_ the MS Keyboard and Mouse, the system does NOT run as
    expected. Booting up, the Welcome screen has no clickable objects. You must
    use ctl-alt-del twice to get to the Windows Login screen. Once logged in,
    the Start menu is NOT clickable.

    Help please. I did this clean re-install specifically to avoid this problem
    and it is back after all that work.


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