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California Education: One Cent On 4 Dollars


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California Proposition 30 increases sales tax by one-quarter of a percent. The tax rate for income over $250,000 is also taxed at incrementally higher rates for seven years. Estimated revenue is $6.8 billion dollars annually.

The proposition changes the California Constitution and creates an Education Protection Account.

Educators across the state are nervous this will not pass. Why? Our district and union agreed to 22 furlough days - instructional days which will evaporate. Other districts are in worse conditions. There will not only be pay cuts but less staff and teachers. The UC and Cal State systems each could face $250 million in midyear budget cuts.

Proposition opponents contend that educators are illegally using school resources to influence voters. They are certain that Governor Brown is blackmailing them. After all, there is no condition that the raised income goes to the schools but that doesn't mean that there will not be cuts in other funding. In other words, the schools could end up with a net zero after the proposition is passed.

Worse there is a growing meme that teachers are lazy, unions are bad, school districts are poorly operated, students are stupid, and parents are not taking responsibility. Finally, California public schools are responsible for a large number of illegal immigrants. Gasp.

What is the answer?

Activists need to take one step at a time. There will be massive cuts if the proposition is not passed. No one should doubt that as fact. Therefore, the proposition should be passed. Next, work on making sure that the school funding is not grabbed by the legislators. Finally, pay attention to the common core - this will add billions of dollars of costs to the schools - and businesses will profit from the shift.

Focus. Is one cent on four dollars worth the negative press?
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