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Bluilding Blocks.dotx not copying to users profile.


Connel Rock

Flightless Bird
I have recently rolled out office 2007 using the cusomization file to 80 XP
users. All has gone well except for one critical problem. I have had reports
that page numbering isn't working and on further inspection i can see that
gallery styles are also not fuctioning.

The building blocks.dotx file is not copying to the users profile
(C:/Documents and Settings\ user_name \Application Data\Microsoft\Document
Building Blocks\1003\)
which it should when a user first uses (or tries to use, as it wont work
unless the building blocks.dotx fle is there) one of the said features of
Word i.e inserting page numbering.

If i copy the file from the programs directory to the relevant place on a
users profile, restart word then all works.

I could do a script that copies the file across on login for each user but
this does not answer the question as to why this is happening. All computers
have domain users in the local admin group, so it's not permissions.

Can anyone shed any light as to why this file is not copying across as it
should. Oddly, i have 2 Vista machines which are working fine!!

IT Technician and Network Analyst