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Bill Yanaire Syndrome - latest UPDATE

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by Ibrahim Al-Qassam \(Abdelaziz\), Aug 31, 2010.

  1. Bill Yanaire's condition is deteriorating

    Hios case is now classifed as:
    Mental Retardation - Subnormal intellectual development or functioning that
    is the result of congenital causes, brain injury, or disease and is
    characterized by any of various deficiencies, ranging from impaired learning
    ability to social and vocational inadequacy.

    There is a cycle that repeats itself in the world of insults, having to do
    with adopting scientific medical terms and using them as insults. The weird
    rules that apply to "socially acceptable" insults eventually catches up to
    the medical dictionary usurpers and the PC police try to shut them down.
    Some insults, it seems, are just too insulting.

    But the usurpers have traditionally won the battle, and the medical terms
    are removed from the medical books, to live out eternity in the land of
    misfit words.

    For instance, the words idiot, imbecile and moron all started out as medical
    terminology, not insults. So much a part of the acceptable lexicon were they
    that the constitutions of Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Ohio and New
    Mexico were written to say an "idiot" can't vote. New Jersey's constitution
    says you can't vote if you are an "idiot" or "insane" (until the last
    gubernatorial election, it appeared this provision of the New Jersey
    Constitution was being fully ignored).

    Some words, like midget, are still in medical dictionaries, but with a
    disclaimer against usage as it is now a pejorative term.

    Odd as it seems, America allows the purveyors of insults to trump the
    purveyors of science in deciding which words are acceptable. Imagine a
    doctor telling parents of a child, "I'm sorry, your son is an imbecilic,
    idiot, retarded moron, destined to live out his life on public assistance or
    as chairman of the Democratic National Committee."

    The doctor would have used nothing but scientific terms, but all would agree
    his bedside manner is atrocious and his civility beneath that of a treating
    physician. The medical terms are now insults. Don Rickles wins.
  2. Colon Oscopy

    Colon Oscopy Flightless Bird

    I'll bet you didn't schedule a visit with your psychiatrist. Did you?

  3. Colon Oscopy

    Colon Oscopy Flightless Bird

    I'll bet you didn't schedule a visit with your psychiatrist now did you?


    I know when people are lying.

    Alias may lie about Linux "benefits", but he ain't lying about income

    I have means of knowing background of people who post here - don't ask how I
    know. I work for a certain Agency, and that's all you will hear.

    I help US Government achieve its goals, despite my creepy name which you
    probably figured out is a JOKE.
    I am not "Ibrahim" My real name is Anglo-Saxon.

    Alias is making $14K/week and income/career success seems to be bothering
    much, so you keep insulting people whenever they mention Education or
    Professional credentials. You also spend time chasing Kevin John Panzke,
    honestly you're sick as well as him.

    I advise you, STOP.
    Get back to work.
    Maybe make babies, improve your family, he;p your wife, SUCCESS in your
    None of these items can be achieverd by spending time here posting insults
    to other people.

    THINK, Bill.
    Life is short.
    Stop nonsense today.

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