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Big trouble matching with data on excel!

Discussion in 'Microsoft Office' started by gloriamar, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. gloriamar

    gloriamar Flightless Bird

    Hi, I'm required to present some info at my work, using two excel files. This
    is the task:

    File 1, has ID numbers in column A, and column B is blank.

    File 2, has ID numbers in column C and column D has the date the person
    joined the company

    File 1 es a select grop of people (about 2500), whereas File 2 is the
    general database (about 30thou)

    They're asking me to match the data, in order to end up with the
    coresponding date they joined the company in column B on File 1 (obtained
    from column D on file 2), how to do it? taking in account that File 1 is
    outdated and some people might not be in file 2.

    I would really appreciate any help you might give me.


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