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Flightless Bird
BEWARE OF and AVOID doing business with AT&T!

AT&T exemplifies screw-the-consumer corporate arrogance at its worst.

I had an ISP service package with AT&T Worldnet that included email, DSL, a
personal website on their server, and Usenet access. Suddenly they dropped
the Usenet service, with no compensation to customers that were forced to
find another source. Another example of their screw-the-customer attitude is
the fact that reaching a tech support person by phone typically requires at
least a 20 minute wait on hold. AT&T once had a good tech support service on
Usenet, but dropped that too and became very hard to reach. I should have
seen the writing on the wall and dropped AT&T back then!

This March 2nd I get an email that AT&T Worldnet service, DSL service, and
website hosting will no longer be available effective March 31st - A KNIFE
IN THE BACK to all their small business and individual customers!

They arranged a deal with Covad to take over the DSL service, and a new
email/web service that allows you to keep your existing email address and
ID. You could elect to use AT&T for dialup only, or go to another ISP
entirely. In effect, if you wanted to keep your present email address, IDs,
settings, and DSL, you are FORCED to accept Covad and still be tied to AT&T
as your ISP. Before, if your DSL service went down you had free dialup
backup, but no longer. Dialup now costs extra. And since converting to Covad
DSL about a week ago, I have already had a service failure!

For a business, the website customer-screwing by AT&T is the worst of all. I
had my site for years and it had a high ranking with the search engines -
top10. Now I have been FORCED to move it to another host with a new URL
unknown to the search engines. My initial outlay for 3 years of webhosting
and a domain was over $150. Fortunately I was able to upload my site to the
new host without the typical professional fee of $250 to do so, but it took
alot of my time. In addition, I'll have to toss and replace about $50 worth
of business cards with my old URL web address on them, replace other printed
materials with the old URL, change many documents, and inform many contacts.
I will inevitably lose business because the old URL, now in many website
links and hard-copy publications, has become useless.

The forced "migration" process from AT&T was complex and time-consuming, not
helped by the unavailability for several days of the means to do so at their
website where AT&T stated it would be. Instructions were vague and
non-specific, and good luck reaching them by phone! As the service cutoff
date approached, nothing could be done due to this and to AT&Ts
inaccessibility. Then, one day after completing part of the migration
process, CUTOFF! I had NO SERVICE - no web, no email, no DSL, no dialup,
nothing! Finally after hours of effort,I was able to establish my DSL
service. My Outlook Express was unable to download email until I corrected
that too - with no help from these corporate cretins that couldn't care

Now, for the same monthly price as before (under a 1 year contract with a
BIG termination fee if you want out), I have DSL, web, and email. But no
dialup backup, Usenet, or website as before. The website costs extra now.
And will AT&T tech support improve? I wouldn't hold my breath!

The substantial expenses and inconveniences inflicted by this AT&T
customer-screwing is something for which a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT would be
appropriate, but no doubt the agreement you are forced into when buying
their service protects them from responsibility. Clearly AT&T, with typical
mega-corpseration greed and arrogance, cares little for their home and small
business customers. This sort of thing will continue as long as they can
perpetrate such actions without being held accountable, and consumers and
businesses will remain at their mercy.

When you vote, keep in mind it is the Republican-Conservatives that protect
these mega-corpserate bullies and allow them to run amok, unregulated, and
perpetrate such consumer-screwing actions as this.



Flightless Bird
Dr. Jinx What wrote on 30 mrt 2010 in

> Comcast does almost the same thing!

Off topic in this NG.

Don't answer.

The Netherlands.
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