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Background goes green???

Discussion in 'Notebooks' started by mike, Jun 20, 2010.

  1. mike

    mike Flightless Bird

    Dell Inspiron 1150.
    Windows XP with black desktop background.
    Randomly, the background goes to bright green.
    But the windows logo and the media player icon
    still have their RGBY segments in the correct color.
    There's also a black smear trailing text and icons
    that looks a lot like a drop-shadow.
    The window backgrounds are still white, but there's a purple
    effect that looks like a badly pixelated shaded area in areas
    that might be shaded.

    Everything still looks fine on an external monitor.

    This has me baffled. If a color went missing, I'd expect it
    to be missing..or full on... on all parts of the display.

    Flexing the display cable by moving the lid has no effect.
    Doesn't seem to be heat related.

    What should I look for?
    Thanks, mike

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